About Me

Hello and welcome to my shop ☺

Twins necklace

You found yourself at Annoushe Jewelry, how exciting is that! I am Anna, the person working all the magic behind the scenes in this little shop of treasures. What does that entail I hear you ask? Let me take you a walk through it.

Every piece of jewelry is first thoughtfully sketched on paper, trying out variations, tweaking and peaking bits and pieces to make sure that everything sits comfortably on you and foremost looks pretty as hell.

Then it is time to choose my palette for each piece. Is it going to be a crystal clear, bright gemstone or a playful one with lots of hues in it? Maybe I should use a rough one; their natural beauty can be mesmerizing…. Should I go with a brushed or polished finish?

Now it is the most exciting part, you guessed it, when all these thoughts and ideas come to life on my bench! It is the utmost fulfilling feeling when that little idea inside your head turns out to be such a beauty. And every next time you make that same design; this joyfulness does not fade away. I have a little confession to make; my goal is not only to create beautiful jewelry. I also want to create a small universe inside my daily life and hopefully yours too, that has a little magic, a sprinkle of a fairytale.

So every time you fashion one of my gemstone rings, one of the cute studs, the long pendants or the dangling earrings, just for a moment when you put them on or you glance at them passing by a mirror they will make your day a bit brighter and put a smile of self love on your face.

I do believe that jewels, as centuries of bejeweled outfits of tribes and royals proves, they can empower you, boost your self esteem, flatter your features, make your movements elegant, fill you with confidence.

I wish to make you shine like the unique creature you are.

To be infused by Edgar Allan Poe’s quote:

There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.


My story so far

Annoushe jewellery is a reference to every appealing element of all cultures in the world. It uncovers beauty anywhere it is concealed or even apparent, it combines forms, colors and shapes inspired by the Moroccan architecture, the Macedonian costumes, the totems of South America, the refined geometry of Art deco and the edgy élan of punk.

Crafts, ideas, gleaming metal and semiprecious stones are entangled to create smaller or larger artifacts, destined to travel us through space and time, transform us or provide us with different expressions. For a single style does not suffice to reflect our inner world.

Annoushe jewelry relates to those who create their own story, their own magical world, their own personal, timeless style.

I’m Anna, the creator behind Annoushe jewelry. I have studied architecture, but soon I realised I was seeking a more creative getaway, a touch with raw material to create artifacts with my own hands.

Over time, I realised that many cultures of the world are of great interest. I was captivated by the idea that I could borrow different elements drawn from clothing, architecture, masks, sculptures and all kinds of artwork to create my own world, a unique one. A multicultural little cosmos filled with colors and scents for you to join.

Our choice in clothes and jewelry is a small artistic intervention to our direct and broader environment as well. It is our chance to reflect this small, fiery cosmos which we have created for ourselves. My jewelry form my little manifesto for a more interesting life.

I’m Anna and creating with hammer and fire soothes my soul.